The calculation of the debt ratio

Each lender has its own methods of calculating and analyzing risk. Common rules are however used for the elements that enter into the calculation of the debt ratio such as the APL or the family allowances.

Elements taken into account in net income


The first thing to remember is the criterion of income sustainability of the couple. In other words, to be counted in the debt ratio, the amount in question must be certain .

Professional wages

The bank retains only the wages net of social charges. If you have variable revenues, such as commissions, the risk analysis service will look for the regularity of these payments.

If you have collected a single commission that has doubled your salary in a given month, the analyst will equate it with an exceptional bonus and it is quite possible that he does not take it into account.

On the other hand, if these commissions are paid regularly and over a significant period (for example, one year), they will be added to other net income and will be included in the calculation.



Once again, it is the regularity of the payments that encourages the bank to accept or refuse to recognize a sum in the determination of the debt ratio.

  • Thirteenth month : it is actually taken into account since paid theoretically every year at the same time.
  • Holiday bonus : here again the regularity plays in your favor, this sum being paid to you a priori each year before the summer.
  • Interress contract : if you buy a principal residence and you have paid the sums collected on the corporate spain plan, they will be unlocked and will enter into the calculation of the personal contribution rate. On the other hand, they are not used to determine the total net income, even if they are paid regularly. Indeed, there is no guarantee that you will continue to collect them.

The allocations

For this type of family benefits, it is a question of distinguishing the different aids paid by the CAF .

The personalized housing allowance

Applicants for accession can benefit from an APL under the dual condition of taking out a social loan and respecting a maximum income ceiling set by the CAF. Their payment is ensured by the State rules out any risk of default but their attribution remains uncertain because it depends on criteria that can change over time.

As a result, most credit institutions do not count PLA in calculating the debt ratio. Some of them, however, decided to count them by weighting the amount. For example, they only use half of the allocation in the borrower’s income.

  • Calculate your maximum debt with our calculator.

Family allowances


Their amount depends directly on the number of dependent children and their age. The bank will look at the composition of the family home. If your children are almost all teenagers, it is quite possible that the bank does not take into account any family allowances in the couple’s income because their payment will stop in a short time. On the other hand, if you have two children of 6 months and 2 years, it should take into account all of them.

Other income

Other income

All other income will be subject to the same analysis, with the lending institution looking to verify the source of your income and to ensure that it will be paid over time.

Land revenue

Only net rents are taken into account. You can either submit a projected rental budget showing the net property income received in the year (net of borrowings, charges and works) or let the bank weight the gross rents. It will apply a discount of the order of 30 to 40% .

Securities income

Securities income

The study of your stock market portfolio alone can determine whether the annual interest should be fully integrated or weighted. If you hold a bond portfolio, the bank should consider all income. However, if you have invested in live equities or in 100% market oriented UCITS, the bank may not consider it at all.

Our advice

Attention to the rest to live . Whether the APL is taken into account in the calculation of indebtedness or not, the bank takes care to look at the sum that remains available once all your credits have been settled.

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