Personal loans online (May 2019). The best personal loans up to 60000 euros

Currently we can find many financial companies that make this type of personal loans online to the consumer and every day many more companies join this innovative formula to offer financing only online.

Most of the personal loans that are currently made are requested online, this of course facilitates the process and makes it much faster compared to those in which we have an interview and we are requested a large number of papers and endorsements.

So, if you need a personal loan, it is important that you find one that is ideal for you, one that, of course, covers your needs, since there are very different reasons why people ask for loans online to cover certain needs.

How do personal loans work?

How do personal loans work?

First of all it is useful to understand what is a personal loan, personal loans are given by financial entities that give us the help of having extra money to solve problems that arise or to start a business or acquire some real estate.

We should start by explaining what the meaning is; A personal loan is a financial aid that is given to a person, these ask lenders companies a certain amount of money quickly.

When we talk about a quick credit we refer directly to the payment method that this has, these loans differ from those that ask us as collateral or collateral material goods in which they usually take your home or car, in a quick loan or mini-credit we do not have This type of guarantees since the penalty for not complying with the payment is that the interests of the debt increase, they will not take away the house, which is a very extreme case.

Of course it is a loan and before accepting it you must be sure that you can pay it. These loans generate interest or commissions that increase the capital to be repaid, despite the distrust that may exist, we guarantee that it is a totally reliable process.

These loans can be requested as many times as we want and in different entities and as our requests increase and we make the payments corresponding to the amounts requested the possibility of acquiring a loan for a greater amount of money increases, of course you must pay each and every one of the loans you request.

Characteristics of personal credit online

It is important to know all the options, in this way we can find a personal loan that fully fits our needs, be well informed of the amount they provide what are the interests and how are the payment methods, then some general aspects of the loans personal:

  • The credit is only granted in case the person agrees to return the loan and added to it the interest or commissions. Generally, before the person signs or accepts the contract, he says the amount he will have to pay, the financial institution must be totally sure that the person has enough income to pay off the debt.
  • The money that is lent is usually used for the acquisition of goods or services, for example: purchase of a new car or house, payment for studies, remodeling or repairs for the home, among many cases.
  • Personal loans are usually made in amounts between 500 euros and 60,000 euros, this will depend on the income we have on our payroll.
  • The term to pay these loans will vary depending on the amount of money we request.

Personal loans for different needs

Many people have the misconception that there is only one type of personal loan, however, we can choose many types of loans, since they have different characteristics that can be similar to what we need, let us explain some of these loans:

  • Loan for small amount of money or mincrédito: for this type of loans the documentation is more flexible, rarely these loans exceed the sum of 1200 euros, the time stipulated for the return of this loan is around 30/60 days. This type of credit is carried out online and serves to solve a specific unforeseen event. Anyone who has an Internet connection through a computer or a mobile can access the page of the financial institution and request their mini credit easily, the request is very fast, in the same way is the approval and acquisition of money. In about 10 or 15 minutes we can enjoy this loan.
  • Payroll loans : it is used as an advance of your salary, once you have the money of your payment you return it to the lender, this is usually less than 10,000 euros.
  • Fast online loans : Ideal for when an emergency arises, this type of loan ranges between 500 and 6000 euros, and we can enjoy it a few hours after having requested it.
  • Consumer loans: these loans are very small and are usually provided by establishments that are interested in the increase of sales in their products, such as clothing stores, household items, supermarkets, among others… these loans are made by sum of very low money, almost zero.
  • Generic personal loans : Those that are requested when an emergency arises, this type of loans is used to finance products or services that improve our quality of life.

Personal loans at present 

Personal loans at present 

Technology has advanced a lot in recent times where we can now perform certain things that previously seemed unthinkable or impossible for human logic. However, time and the new has been responsible for denying and demonstrating that everything is possible in the world we live now.

So much so that now we can carry out financial transactions through the internet very easily and quickly saving us going to the bank, which has always been an unpleasant need. In fact, today there are online companies that are dedicated to the financial business and offer products more easily and from the comfort of your home.

That said, loans and personal loans are also included in these financial services offered by today known as fintech, which is nothing more than the term that names the groups of companies that we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Through these companies you can then apply for loans and personal loans and obtain financing very quickly.

The procedure is as simple as it is incredible since it is only a matter of filling out a form to request them and, depending on the amount you want, you get the money in a stipulated time. The smaller the amount, the faster the transaction, if it is a higher amount, it may take one or two days.

Where to apply for a personal credit?

Where to apply for a personal credit?

This is a boom that grew rapidly throughout the Spanish population, although it is more common that you can request this type of loan in banks, companies that provide financial services, lenders that work independently or online sites that have large platforms, it is necessary make sure that the site where we are requesting the loan is reliable and we do not see any suspicious situation.

Request Your Personal Credit Here!

Most entities or companies that provide financial support ask for a certain amount of documentation, usually the same, so if you are interested in what it would be, read a little more.

Requirements to obtain your personal loan

  • You must be a Spanish resident and over 18 years of age, it is also necessary that you do not have a very advanced age and it is extremely important to be totally lucid.
  • You must have constant income in the payroll, this income must be greater than the amount of money of the loan you are requesting.
  • You must be the holder of a bank account, since that is where the transfer will be made.
  • You must be solvent in each of your debts, that is, you must not appear registered in Financial Credit Institutions.

It is not impossible to apply for a loan if you are in Financial Credit Institutions, but you should take into account that it will not be as simple as it will be for a person who does not have delinquency.

It is necessary before applying for any of these loans to be aware that you have the financial capacity to pay the loan and the commissions. This is very important because this type of loans are made with the idea of ​​helping people not to harm them, so do not harm yourself and pay the credit.

What happens if I do not return the loan?

What happens if I do not return the loan?

As in any other financing instrument, not returning the loan under the established guidelines will generate fees and interest with which you will end up owing even more money than originally established, without mentioning that you will be included in the different delinquency files that will avoid you access different credit options in the future.

Whenever you request a personal loan, make sure in advance that this is under your financial possibilities and that you will have everything necessary to cover the installments in the established time, and you will see how it becomes a really useful instrument to help you fulfill any personal or professional project.