How to get money instantly without payroll or papers

Life is full of unforeseen events, breakdowns in the car, changes of appliances, visits to the dentist to solve dental problems, invitations to weddings of family or friends, etc.

Situations of the type I need urgent money and that escape our control, and that until recently supposed a real headache.

But today the financial solution is fast and simple, to be able to get money in a simple mouse click thanks to the Internet. Because what is not possible is to have money saved to be able to use it in the emergency room, much less in difficult situations due to prolonged unemployment.

The economic crisis has greatly damaged the domestic and business economy, and very few families and households are able to save money, however small, at the end of the month.

That’s why the easiest financial solution to get money is to resort to the financial help of online credit companies that offer loans of 50 euros to 600 euros in a single operation and with a very short term return period.

Because the repayment of the loan is made within a maximum period of 30 days, given the high risk of default of these quick loans.

But undoubtedly the great attraction of the so-called mini credits is not the ability to respond quickly and without paperwork, but the fact of getting money instantly without payroll or documentation to study the operation.

Undoubtedly the best financial help to face any unforeseen event, but never as a recurring financial solution to our problems to make ends meet.

Getting money with a mini loan is very easy, basically having more than 18 years, or sometimes 21 years; and have some type of monthly fixed income, usually a payroll but also aid for the unemployed or a pension for retirement; It’s enough.

And all this without endorsements or long waits, because micro-credits allow you to get money without guarantees, such as guarantees or mortgages.

In fact sometimes the criterion of fixed income is not even fundamental, that is to say that if the applicant of the money does not have any type of debt in Financial Credit Institutions or another record of similar defaulters, one can get to obtain money without payroll and without endorsement.

Because today there is so much competition in the fast mini online loans sector, that many companies are competing to attract customers. And for this they do not hesitate to make offers in which the first loan becomes free, without interest, simply by paying a commission or small study expenses.

And it is that the market of the fast credits is the one that more has grown in these years of crisis, a market abandoned by the banks that did not want to assume those operations of so much risk although the market was very big due to the increase of unemployment and the effects of the real estate and economic crisis.

That is why so many private fast mini credit companies have emerged online. Because thanks to the advancement of the Internet, this type of private credit companies have created a massive and profitable customer service channel, which through a web and an online form can study the loan application in a few minutes.

Hence, you can get money instantly without payroll or paper thanks to the use of companies and credit comparison online.

In fact, the micro loans sector has advanced so much that it is now possible to obtain urgent loans without payroll or endorsement, in a matter of a few hours and even with defaults in Financial Credit Institutions or other delinquent files.

As long as we have an open account in one of the financial entities with which the credit company works. And all without the need to explain what will be the destination of the money requested.

What fast loans can I get without a payroll?

What fast loans can I get without a payroll?

So taking into account the above and if you want to get money immediately without waiting or paperwork, you should follow the following tips:

  • Forget the banks, their risk policies are too strict and you will not be able to get money without payroll and without endorsement, even if you are a client of the bank and you have had a good financial file with the entity. Normally, the bank is the one that has more information about us when we have the payroll registered as well as the main payments. In addition, banks tend to be not very fast when carrying out their financial studies and they also ask for many papers. If you do not have a good financial profile, that is to say a payroll or a pension of a high amount, forget about getting money through bank credit.
  • Try asking for a small amount of money, because that way it will be easier for you to get a loan without payroll or endorsement. Remember that the most granted mini loans are usually those less than 300 euros, so do not apply for 1000 euros in the first loan. Normally, online loan companies grant larger amounts to people who have already repaid a previous loan within 30 days. Therefore, it is better to make a small credit application, so that you can return it easily and thus have the opportunity to get money without a payroll when requesting a new fast loan of greater amount.
  • Keep in mind that the concession of the mini loan will depend on each case, because depending on the profile and risk of the client, this will be the conditions in case the credit is approved.
  • Do not worry about your current situation, remember that these types of credits are instantly suitable for the unemployed and retired, because having a payroll is not an essential requirement to be able to get the money quickly.
  • Remember that all procedures are online, ie through the Internet. So you will not have to travel or waste time on visits. Simply and completely anonymously you will have to fill in some basic information in an online form. So it is not necessary to provide documentation, but information. The lack of paperwork makes getting a loan faster and easier than with personal loans.